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Created on 2010-09-06 15:13:12 (#603183), last updated 2011-04-06 (337 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Apr 25

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)'(, abelian sex, algebraic topology, algorithms, ambidexterity, astral projection, bad puns, biochemistry, books, breathing, bricolage, burning man, calligraphy, category theory, circles, cirrus greenery engines, citricity, color glass condensates, combinatorics, contact improv, context awareness, conversation, cuddling, cultural code, cultural engineering, cynosure, dancing, descriptive epistemologies, didgeridoo playing, diversity, dodecahedral tilings, drums, earth/fire elementals, empathy, energy efficiency, entropy, fractal geometry, freshly ground spices, functions, functors, geranium oil, gluons, goa, gravity, group theory, hands, high thread count sheets, homomorphisms, hot showers, hydration, infornography, invertible transformations, italic script, juggling, kayapo, kleinian groups, kosmotropes, kundalini awakening, lambda calculus, languages, lattices, ligatures, light, linguistics, lisp, logarithmic spirals, logoeroticism, loose clothes, love, lucid dreams, machines, massage, memetic art, mental flexibility, metachoric experiences, metaphors, metaphysics, metaprogramming, mitochondria, motion, music, natural transformations, nonduality, nonverbal communication, oscillatory phenomena, overtone chanting, oxytocin, paleoanthropology, papillary ridges, phalanges, phenomenology, physical flexibility, physics, platonic solids, pranayama, prime numbers, proxemics, ramanujan, recursion, red haired people, sapiosexuality, self modulation, semantics, semiotics, sense of scent, sensory hypersensitivity, sensory integration, sexuality, shaved arms, shpongle, sight, skin contact, sleep, smooth fabric, smooth skin, snowflake languages, spanking, spheres, spoken language, sussuration, symmetry groups, synaesthesia, tall women, tellicherry pepper, the apollonian gasket, the cosmic hum, the exponential map, the sound of rain, theta functions, thigh high stockings, thinking, topos theory, touch, touch languages, trance states, transcendental numbers, transculturality, trees, tryptamine derivatives, typefaces, typography, v8, variation, vitamins, water, water chemistry, women, xenophilia, zygomatic arches, अद्वैत
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